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Diane Delaney

Transforming clay into a unique sculpture is my passion. Influenced by nature, each piece is hand-built using the coil, pinch, and/or slab method.

Originally from Florida, I grew up in an artistic household, encouraged by my mother—a watercolor, acrylic, and ceramic artist. However, the route to creating my own “Art” was rather circuitous.

I’ve had a variety of careers in the education, tourism, and sustainable development fields for both for-profit and non-profit organizations and directed our consulting firm.

Today I am a resident Ceramic Artist and Instructor at Friendship Village’s Art Studios in Tempe, Arizona. I am creating my ClayNature world of Totems, Sculptures, and Bouquets to connect buyers to the natural world and hopefully inspire them to combat climate change and ecosystem degradation. Perhaps through art we can help the web of life from unraveling.

Loraine Inglis

Driven by a passion for the creative process, Loraine delights in the art of transforming random beads into stunning, wearable art. Her designs are a harmonious blend of form and function, each piece meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of beauty and intrigue. Throughout her career, Loraine has embraced the challenges of trial and error, continuously refining her techniques to develop a signature style that captivates a wide audience.

Her creations have garnered acclaim for their unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship, earning her a dedicated following of admirers who appreciate the artistry and passion woven into each piece.

Angela Lineberger

Journey Sticks
I harvest soap tree yucca flower stems after they die. I strip the outer layer and sand them smooth. The design that I paint on them is Anasazi inspired, from looking at their  pottery. I embellish  with imitation Eagle feather and deer hide grip. They are lightweight  and sturdy, to accompany you on your journey. May your path through nature lead you to yourself.



Ann Ramsey

Many of Ann Ramsey’s jackets are embellished with fabric reproductions of her own art work; others have been embellished with quilt fabrics chosen for their unique designs and rich colors. However, a common thread among most of Ann’s art pieces is free motion quilting and fabric trim in the style of quilt binding around the collars and jacket fronts.

Ann loves working with customers in designing one-of-a-kind jackets using bits and pieces of the customers’ lives, such as scraps from loved ones’ clothing, bits of trim and lace that belonged to their grandmothers, etc. If a custom jacket of this style is of interest, please speak with a Feminine Mystique associate, and she will put you in contact with Ann.

Dayna Richman

I was raised in  Minneapolis in a creative family. As a kindergartener and of course thereafter, there could be found many a colorful picture on my mother's refrigerator. As a young woman I decided to attend The Jewelry Manufacturing, Design and Repair school. This is where I learned Gold and Silversmithing of fine jewelry. However it turned out my heart continued calling me to the creative arts. I began commuting to Sahuarita from Las Vegas to show my works at local art fairs. As I became more familiar with art galleries I realized this would be my goal. I am now able to spend many hours doing what I love the most. What inspires me the most is when I can turn on the music in my creative space and let my creativity flow. 

Linda L Leon Scott

Linda is a native of Tucson and has spent a lifetime creating artwork of her beloved Arizona. She studied Fine Art at University of Arizona, but eventually changed careers to pursue medical imaging, specializing as a Medical Sonographer, the art and science of imaging with sound waves. “Truly a profound experience, working closely with people… patients and doctors, using a science that visualizes the human body. Ultrasound is not only a science but takes the eye of an artist to comprehend.”

Through her unique life experience, Linda creates vibrant and healing art of the Southwest, using pencil, acrylic, oil, pastels, and mixed media. Her subjects are everything from horses to prickly pear to dogs and children… capturing light in everyday life. She presses the boundaries of color and brushwork to evoke an earthy, rich, and bright feeling of the subject, with a true love for its Qi. “I invite you to join me in creating more joy and satisfaction in your life through creation of your own artwork!”

Watch this space for new artist introductions.