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Sage Boyd

At 4 years of age, an artist was born. With her first coloring book, Sage discovered her love of color and learned to draw by copying the pictures.

As an adult, Sage studied under several renowned Spanish and American impressionists, learning how high key colors and impasto brush strokes make a painting come alive.

A resident of Tucson, Sage shares, “My favorite subjects are the barrios, our old Mexican neighborhoods. Their ancient pueblos call to me. I can’t resist their dilapidated doors and walls! They’re so much fun to paint!

P.S. I also love painting horses!

Marie Green

Oil paintings by Marie are done in oil on canvas. Early in the 1960’s, near Kanab, Utah began the discovery of beautiful broken shards of Anasazi pottery with amazing painted patterns - like treasures, gifts from the earth. When pottery breaks, they are sadly discarded since they are no longer functional and these beautiful pots and bowls become part of the earth. They were born of the earth, and return to the earth.

Sheryl Haupt

Sheryl is a jewelry designer and enamelist who creates colorful works of art in glass and silver. Each creation is unique and handmade in her Green Valley Arizona studio. She primarily works with cloisonné but sometimes uses plique a jour and champlevé enamel techniques. Her work focuses on the feminine and nature with an emphasis on beautiful vibrant colors and patterns. Often she weaves symbols into her work to give them deeper meaning. Sheryl also teaches cloisonné enameling in her studio as well as workshops throughout the U.S.


Debbi Lynn

My art, as in my life, has always been about taming chaos—simplifying the complex. I look at a canvas and see something that comes to mind and often don’t know from where!  It seems to me like every piece has some element of sarcasm or truth—what we wish to see and what is true.  I believe my art reflects my constant introspection and struggle to find the truth in every situation. At the highest level, I set out to create art that incorporates the subtleties of conflicting thoughts in my mind -  images that expose a quiet conflict—perhaps the conflict of aging vs beauty or love vs lust.

Joni Olson

Color has taken on a new meaning through the influence of the Mayan and Spanish cultures and trips to Mexico and Guatemala cemented my desire to expand my color-consciousness. I have learned to cast off traditional combinations in favor of what used to appear wild and seemingly discordant mixtures. Colors I once viewed as too bold and “clashing” I now see as inspired and eclectic. The concept of colors “clashing” seems a poor invention!

The unusual marriage of symbolism such as ancient petroglyphs and vibrant colors makes each one of my creations a true labor of love.

These one-of-a-kind earrings and necklaces are entirely hand painted on light weight brass. Painting under magnification allows meticulous attention to detail and precise blending of colors.

Paula Rudnick

I have always loved to design with fiber. By bringing together different material, I use texture and color to create unique wearable art. My woven and knit pieces are made to wear in a variety of ways; one piece can lead to many different looks. Scarves, shawls, rowans, mobius shawls to name a few.



DeEtta Taube

The appeal of color, form, and texture is irresistible to me. I look for it in my surroundings, on my walks, on the ‘art dates’ I take to see what other people do.  Inspiration comes from all these things. When I see things that won’t let go of my gaze, I know it’s making me happy, telling me a story, mystifying me, or arousing memories. I try to bring that sense of joy or intrigue to my own work, to create something that holds the gaze of the viewer, brings them joy, or tells them a story.

Watch this space for new artist introductions.