Norma Wilkerson


Norma Wilkerson, of Spirit Dog Designs

Norma was born and raised in the outskirts of Towson, Maryland. After graduating from high school there, she entered the University of Maryland and graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Science. She worked in that area for a time, but when her children were Ages 4 and 6 she moved to Colorado and worked for the Defense Department making electronic mock-up boards.

Art was always an interest of Norma’s and always a part of her life. She began to work with watercolor painting and found that she really enjoyed it. In 1990, she moved to Arizona due to poor health at the time. She found that she loved the landscapes of the Southwest; and, before long, her health improved. After a few years, she started painting using acrylics (she was self-taught) and painted Southwestern designs or American Indian motifs.

Norma has a much-loved pet dog named “Fred” who was the inspiration for the moniker she uses: “Spirit Dog.” Over the years, she has developed a fine art library in her home and as she studied at home, she became interested in painting canvas floor cloths, which were originally used in Early American homes to cover the dirt floors She painted some beautiful Southwest floor cloths using acrylics. When she displayed them at Art Fairs they were warmly received and she was commissioned to create some special ones – one was sent to a home in Poland; and another to Australia; and others to the Midwestern USA.

Norma never felt she should be limited to a particular format – she believes that a piece envisioned would find its correct genesis. With that guidance, her creativity found itself on floor cloths and walls; furniture and hanging pieces, two and three dimensional. Some of her art is whimsical, others abstract – “whatever the Spirit Dog whispers to me,” Norma said.

The art of Spirit Dog has been displayed in many fine exhibits throughout Arizona. Her work has been shown at: Tucson Museum of Art; Desert Artisans in Tucson; Tubac Holiday Mart; Tubac Center for the Arts; New Dimensions Gallery, Tucson; Otero Gallery, Tubac; and The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery in Tubac, Arizona, which features the art of women exclusively. Feminine Mystique is pleased to represent the art of a true Tubac artist.


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