Sherry Darrah


Sherry Darrah

Sherry was born and raised in California. She and her husband Ron retired from the San Diego Fire Department in 2001 and relocated to Green Valley, Arizona. Surrounded by the picturesque Sonoran desert, Sherry was inspired to take on a challenging new medium, watercolor, and began to capture desert scences in original paintings and as reproductions on greeting cards.

Sherry attended Platt Technical College and received a diploma in Graphic Arts. Sherry is self-taught painter. She has been fortunate to have also attended drawing classes at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

Early in her career Sherry focused on colored pencil drawings and cartoons. Her cartoons have appeared in Firehouse Magazine and her drawings have been displayed in a small studio in Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego. She has also displayed her work at various San Diego City and Firefighter Arts and Crafts Fairs.

In 2000 Sherry was honored with an award for a graphic she created for the City of San Diego representing "Diversity". The graphic was displayed on written material and t-shirts.


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