Fran Braverman


Fran Braverman

Life affords us so many open doors to walk through if we are willing to open them.

The first part of my life was pretty traditional. I raised my two wonderful children; taught in a biracial, multicultural school district that I honored and loved; and broadened my understanding of the world by reading and taking a variety of classes. In the mid 1980s, however, I had the opportunity to travel from my urban home in Chicago to the small rural community of Lukachukai, Arizona to live with a Navajo family. That summer experience opened a new door for me. That year I decided to enroll in the University of Arizona's American Indian Studies Program to pursue a Masters Degree in American Indian Studies, and the rest is history.

Although art has always been an integral part of my life, I never envisioned that I would become a fused glass artist. I discovered stained glass at the beginning of the new millennium and took almost every glass class I could find. Creations in Glass in Tucson offered an introductory class in fused glass that was great fun. It wasn't until a friend gave me an old kiln she could no longer use that I began to experiment with this glass genre at home. Over time, my love of color, texture and dimension began to meld together and my fused glass art pieces became more and more lovely.

Each wearable art piece I design is hand-crafted using a combination of beautifully colored, fusible glass pieces. I use textured and dichroic glasses for embellishment. Dichroic glass is produced by stacking glass with micro-layers of metallic oxides which are then fired vin a vacuum furnace. Because it changes color depending on the light source and viewing angle, dichroic glass creates luminescent depth.

Once the glass is fused and finished to my satisfaction, I wire-wrap each piece of art. As with all pursuits, my wire-wrapping techniques have evolved. My good fortune led me to study with Kaska Firor of Ohio at a local bead shop. I now incorporate wire-weaving and more traditional techniques to create complicated, sophisticated settings for each fused glass art piece. Each unique, wire-wrapped, dimensional piece that I complete is designed "to celebrate your inner sparkle."

It is said "to raise a child, it takes a village." And so it is with an artist. My heartfelt thanks go out to "the village" that opened doors, provided support, and helped raise this artist.


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