Pat Aguilar


Pat Aguilar

Pat (Patricia Jean Druener) was born in New York City in 1949. Her father came as a boy from Germany and her mother was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Growing up in the military exposed Pat to different cultures, both in the United States and Germany.

Being a child in the 1950's was very confusing for a girl. We were told we didn't need higher education (think about a career), "You'll just get married anyway." Also, it was so very important to be attractive, "How else will you get a man?" Being yourself didn't do it.

By the time she was forming her own opinion, Pat had strong feelings against inequality, whether it was Black/White, Jew/Gentile, Male/Female.

Betty Friedan made a big difference in Pat's life. She knew by reading The Feminine Mystique, she could do anything she wanted to do, career-wise, family, etc. Ms. Friedan had a gentle and educative touch, a more sensible approach at being all, as a woman.

Pat tried to help other women by becoming active in NOW and other less known women's conscience raising groups.

While attending college for accounting, Pat was encouraged to use the other half of her brain, so she took up pottery. Ms. Aguilar has been a potter for over 35 years now, specializing in miniature houses, masks, boxes, etc. (slab work mostly).

In 1973, Pat married Ed Aguilar and moved west. They now have three children and five grandchildren.


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